Thursday, October 7, 2010

long update

long time din update my blog d.....

i was so lazy and i also busy with my assignmentss...
endlesss assignments...finish 1 another 1 come...crazy 1...
anyways now i having my autumn break..half of my break was used to finish my FMA assignment...
of course my life still gt do other things beside assignments....

last few months i have went "hai boey" with my classmate and nicholas eat seafood nicholas farewell i thk...xD
den after seafood go weizhe's house play lantern and that time only 华人七月 only...haha
everyone was staring at us and i thk they tot we are crazy...LOL

nicholas was goin back UK..
laykiew..karen..shunmu and me went airport surprise him...not really surprise jz 'song' him only...
we reach airport earlier than him...swt...
anyways take care ya nicholas...=]

celebrate ken's birthday at ken's house....steamboat...
early in the morning we went shunshine's market buy steamboat food..
den go college for tax 2 hrs class....den back ken's house again...prepare food...
we do all ourself and the soup was cook by zhong yang..holiao...=DD

laykiew's turn....celebrate laykiew's birthday at crystal point there...
and i have made a birthday card for her as everytime ppl birthday is her made 1 and now her birthday no ppl wan made for i
hundred years din do card d..i thk last time i do card should be when i study primary school...
difficult than do assignment...haha

faiye's farewell...again i most hate 1.....she going to UK to continue her study....
went qb's winter warmest....
take care faiye...all the best ya....=]

beside went out with my clasmate...i also gt met up my old friendsss...
kc..yc and me and kc's smelly dog went 'jin kang hu' find mindy....
long long time din see them d...miss them so non stop...take photo non stop especially

i also went new redbox with steph...cathy...iyune...yeonglyn and carrin....
hundred years din see them d...and the stupid iyune last minutes only tell me she goin UK...><
stupid iyune take care ya...i'll miss u...=]]

210910 mooncake festival!!
went weizhe's house steamboat and play lantern...celebrate mooncake festival...
again we prepare all the food ourself and this time summore gt siput.....
the siput is janet them go korek 1...and they cook also...i donno how to jz stand there see them
after steamboat play lantern...walk around weizhe's house there....

一样的 我还是我

其实我不是什么都无所谓 只是假装不介意


是虚伪 还是逃避?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

珍惜 当下 所拥有的
现在 拥有的 不代表 将永远
今天的 快乐 可能是 明天的悲伤
我们不知道 明天会发生什么事


Monday, August 30, 2010

一个人的我 总爱想 想很多东西

大脑 你可以不要再 胡思乱想 吗

假装不在乎 还是会失望
不喜欢 失望的感觉
刚刚就有失望到 =/

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


as the title above....really thanks god!!!!
i have pass all the subject in sem 3...i have pass my TAX!!
i pass my TAX!!!! the most difficult most headache most kill ppl eh subject....
my tax class gt 71 students and half of them is seniors....
and before i noe my result my classmate told me out of 71 ppl gt 26 ppl failed...
i was like OMG charm liao....worry worry worry....
actually i was thinking the next day only go check my result eh...
mana tau CY phone ask for my tafe number say wan check for me...
my hand was shaking when waiting CY checking for me....
when she say 'u pass liao'...i was like O.O =DDDD
keep asking her u sure o nt....u sure is 350 214 909...u sure o nt...comfirm o...hahaha
i have pass my my rm1300 noneed to retake....LOL
damn happy.....HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA !!!! really thanks GOD!!!=DDDD

Thursday, June 24, 2010


终于 考完啦 tax很难啊
对加分 错减分 写也错 不写也错 真的不知道该怎么办
保佑我可以pass!!!! 已经尽力了
连续3个星期 只有读书的生活 每天醒来 就读书 读读读读读 读到睡觉
读到我想吐 =.=
现在考完啦 可以暂时把全部东西忘掉
每天就nua nua nua HAHA
byebye tax...
bye bye fr...

上个星期kc 生日 我 chern mindy半夜12 点 偷偷到她家 给她一个惊喜
买了一个很可爱的小蛋糕给她 barney 的
她家多了一只狗 叫贝贝 也叫maggie 也叫gilbert 也叫small bird bird

small bird bird

barney cake kc me mindy

chern kc mindy
前天看了toystory3 很好看 也很怀念 很有小时候的感觉
很久没有看cartoon了 看cartoon 的感觉 特别不一样 感觉特别开心 LOL
晚上到mindy家做客 她煮晚餐给我们吃
很好吃哦 很久没有这样了 自从mindy读书后就没有时间煮东西给我们吃料 也很少遇见她
记得上一次 好像是一年前的事了
而昨天和班上的同学到n park 去打羽毛球
很久没有运动了 打一下子就累料 =.=
打完后 我们到龙尾'阿水' 去吃zhu cha....
本来吃完要去极乐寺 走走的 可是关了 有下雨了
没有地方去 就去carlyn家 唱歌 和 玩wii
我发现到原来玩wii 比打羽毛球 还要累
weizhe 加油..LOL



记得在form2 的时候 第一次听到他们的歌 就迷上了
迷上了属于他们的摇滚 旋律 和 歌词
买了第一张他们的专辑- 时光机
两年前 第一次去看他们的演唱会-离开地球表面
虽然不是很前面 但是还是超爽的 很希望再去他们的演唱会

今年5/6/2010 他们又来了 DNA演唱会 我当然不放过啦
买了一张很前面 第一排的票 xD
管它再过两个星期就是final 我还是去了
一样的还是超爽 超high 的 他们还是一样帅
唯一不一样的是 更靠近舞台 更近的看到他们
而且还有丁当 当表演嘉宾

很靠近的 阿信~
可爱的bear bear-玛莎


冠佑唱歌~阿信大鼓~超帅的 =D

看着全场蓝色的荧光棒 一起唱着〈憨人〉有一种莫名的感动

p/s: 遇到一个没有大脑 白痴 加智障的人
来到五月天演唱会 整场就坐在那边 还不给人家站
人家叫他站起来 还说什么不要啦 很累
还一直拿荧光棒 'Tu' 人
妈的 要这样看不会买DVD 回家看拉
你给钱不是来看我们的背影 我给也不是来给你'Tu' 的咯
如果不是我不要浪费看阿信的时间 和 不要破坏我的形象 我早就....haha

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my life

as usual i stilll busy with those assignments, assessments, test and now even worse final is coming...
my life goin to become very suck or maybe now already is....=.=
anyway last month gt 2 weeks holidays and i went sungai petani wif my classmates....
faiye's hometown so she become our tour guide....
we had visit sp's temple, garden and Central Square...
din visit much place as our main destination was The Carnivall, the water theme park...
although it was raining....but we don care..we goin to play water still will be what..LOL
inside nt very big only...jz few slides to play...
before back penang...we had seafood for crab!lol
nice trip and it's fun.....
on the ferry

wet wet wet
still wet..xD

group photo...=D

and last last week was bankorh last week inti.....he goin to kl continue his study....
i most hate 1...farewell....><
went redbox and steamboat with my classmates....
wish him all the best on his study...=]
me and bankorh...
group photo-normal 1
group photo with ban korh's style...LOL

lastly my college life still same nothing change but still like gt something already change..i donno...haha
anyway my life still go on..